Why Companies in Glass Industry Measure Gas Concentration

In 2023 Sparklike did a customer survey to understand its customers better. This included insight how Sparklike devices are perceived and what are the drivers to purchase.  

Sparklike’s end customer include insulating glass producers, window and door manufacturers, IG line producers, testing laboratories, energy engineering and construction consultants, and real estate developers and building owners. Since all operate in the same industry, they phase same challenges, one of which is verifying gas fill rate that impact the quality of the glass. An insulating glass unit without insulating gas can have up to 30% lower U-value than with gas filling over 85-90%.

Glass industry’s requirements creates pressure to quality assurance

In the survey, there where five answers, in addition to an open field to write own answer. Based on these results, the most common reason to invest in Sparklike’s gas measuring devices was to meet industry requirements and legislation. After that was achieving higher quality standards for glass and to meet customers’ demands. Gas content is a significant factor in improving the energy efficiency of insulating glass and therefore an important part of global energy saving efforts. This explains why one motive to monitor gas level of IGUs is to improve and prove product’s energy efficiency. The fifth reason to purchase was gaining a competitive advantage by overachieving industry standards for product quality.

5 motives to invest in gas concentration inspector

  1. To meet the industry requirements /legislation
  2. To achieve higher quality standards
  3. To meet your client demand
  4. To improve products’ energy efficiency
  5. To gain competitive advantage by overachieving industry standards for product quality

Sparklike devices:

Sparklike is the world’s leading expert for measuring the gas content of insulating glass. If you have any questions for Sparklike, please contact us.

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