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Maintenance and Calibration

Annual Maintenance

Like any other valued equipment, Sparklike insulating gas concentration measurement devices require maintenance to keep their accuracy and reliability at highest level. We recommend that you calibrate your Sparklike Handheld™ or Sparklike Laser device™ annually to extend the service life of the device and obtain security of your production.

When performing the calibration, Sparklike Specialists will test the device operations, take large number of diverse reference measurements and fine tune the readings for you. As a final result, you are provided a calibration certificate to guarantee the performance of your device after service.

Why Calibrate and Service Your Sparklike Device Annually

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What Happens During Sparklike Calibration?

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Why, When and Where Calibrate Your Gas Fill Measurement Device?

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Sparklike Laser™ Quality Assurance Protocol

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Sparklike Service Center

Order your calibration and/or maintenance to Sparklike Service Center in Finland

Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Centers:

Sparklike Handheld™ customers in North America, please click here to submit your service request at you local Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center.  

Sparklike Handheld™ customers in South Korea, please click here to contact your local Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center. 

If you have questions, please contact us. 

Want to automize your device’s maintenance and calibration?

To ensure that the maintenance of Sparklike devices is as easy as possible, Sparklike has created automized maintenance and calibration program, also known as Sparklike CARE™.

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