How Does Sparklike Measure and Prioritize Customer Satisfaction?

At Sparklike we care about our customers and have this year focused on enhancing customer-centricity. Therefore, we conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey in Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea to hear what Sparklike users think about Sparklike devices and services. As a bonus, we organized a giveaway of a Finnish design product of which lucky winner was AGC Processing at Czech Republic.  

Sparklike aims to improve the devices and services to suit our customers’ needs and requirements even better. That is why, the customer satisfaction survey covered five topics to understand customers’ experience with Sparklike: general satisfaction, Sparklike devices, Sparklike services, customer service, and other questions. The overall score of satisfaction was 8.1 in a scale from 1-10 which implies we have done well but there is still some work to done if we want the satisfaction to be perfect.

“Engineering and technical personnel are highly efficient in solving problems.”

“Advanced equipment, high precision, good after-sales service”

What we noticed was the appreciation and satisfaction to Sparklike distributors. In both general satisfaction of distributors and their customer service received good scores. As a globally operating company, we understand the need for market specialization and translations in which Sparklike distributors are in a key role. For Sparklike, its distributors are the experts of their market area and vital part of our operation which the survey verified.

“Best service”

“A menu in the buyer’s language.”

An aspect that needs more focus is services which received 7.8. To get a better score next time, Sparklike have started to create new procedures and actions to be more transparent regarding what happens during calibration and make it faster. As a starter, we have gathered blog texts that concerns maintenance and calibration to give you better understanding why it is important to calibrate your device. Other actions will be reveled during Autumn of 2023.  

“The service is good. In my opinion it’s relevant to know what have been done beyond calibration. For example, if some parts are changed.”

Lastly, to understand our customers better the survey had open ended questions which made it possible to give feedback. These quotes provided in this text are quotes directly from Sparklike customers. The whole Sparklike team want to thank everyone who participated to the survey. The survey was made to serve customers better and we have carefully read the results and made plans to develop our operation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  

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