CASE: Pilkington Nederland BV Finalizes Quality Control with Sparklike Laser Portable™

Pilkington Nederland BV, a key player in the Dutch insulating glass industry, has recently taken a significant step forward in quality assurance by incorporating the Sparklike Laser Portable™ into their production process. This move exemplifies the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the manufacturing of insulating glass units (IGUs).

Pilkington Nederland Aims to Exceed Quality Standards

The training session for the Sparklike Laser Portable™ was an event marked by a keen interest in innovation and quality. The training provided the team at Pilkington Nederland BV with comprehensive knowledge about the advanced features of the device. It is designed to non-invasively measure the insulating gas fill percentage in IGUs, an essential factor in determining the thermal performance of the insulating glass.

“Quality is very important for Pilkington Nederland, and with the newest Sparklike we can secure the quality even better. So, thanks!” Bert Poelman, Operations Manager from Pilkington Nederland BV commented. This sentiment highlights the industry’s growing focus on not just meeting, but exceeding quality standards. Also, MI Windows told in their interview that they aim to exceed the general requirements.

Dutch Insulating Glass Industry Is Focusing on Quality

The Dutch insulating glass industry has been on a progressive trajectory, with companies like Pilkington Nederland BV at the forefront. The Netherlands has little by little focused on building regulations concerning energy efficiency and sustainability. Insulating glass plays a critical role in this, as it significantly reduces energy consumption in buildings by providing excellent thermal insulation.

In addition, Netherlands has been increasingly adopting energy-efficient solutions in construction, with a notable rise in the use of high-quality IGUs. The market demand for energy-efficient windows and façades is on the rise, driven by both environmental concerns and stringent EU regulations. Read how Sparklike Laser Portable was used in Dutch research about The Re-use Potential of Insulating Glass Units.

Sparklike Laser Portable™ testing at Pilkington Nederland

Instant result of gas level

By integrating the Sparklike Laser Portable™ into their quality control process, Pilkington Nederland BV is not only aligning with these trends but also setting new standards in the industry. This technology ensures accurate and reliable measurements of insulating gas concentration, which is pivotal for the thermal performance of IGUs.

As the Dutch insulating glass industry continues to grow, the adoption of innovative technologies like the Sparklike Laser Portable™ will be crucial in maintaining the high-quality standards that companies like Pilkington Nederland BV are known for. This commitment to quality and innovation is what sets the Dutch insulating glass industry apart and paves the way for a more energy-efficient and sustainable future.

For more information about Pilkington Nederland BV and their use of the Sparklike Laser Portable™, please visit their website or contact their representative.

About Pilkington Nederland BV:
Based in Enschede, The Netherlands, Pilkington Nederland BV is a leading manufacturer of insulating glass units, committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.

About Sparklike:
Sparklike is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive gas fill analyzers for the insulating glass industry, offering innovative solutions to ensure the quality and performance of IGUs.

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