How Isophon Successfully Implemented an Automated Insulating Gas Measurement System to Their Ig-Line

It has been two years since the installation of Sparklike Laser Integrated was made at Isophon Glas. They decided to invest in Sparklike Laser Integrated™ to ensure the quality of their whole production and to meet the customers´ increasing quality requirements and awareness. Although Isophon has always been providing good quality, Sparklike Laser Integrated added another proof to their quality control process of IGUs. Now it is time to have an update with Mr Özcan from ISOPHON how the two years have been.

Accurate measurement of IGUs

Isophon delivers high quality products but to ensure every process Laser Integrated, an automated insulting gas measurement system in the IG-line, was added in a hope to automize the process in addition to Sparklike Laser Portable device to test gas concentration. Mr Özcan explains that the Laser Portable is still used to verify and double-check if a result seems if the gas filling rate was out of target. That is good example how the two devices complement each other in order to doublecheck accurate results.

“All positive – the system works reliably and delivers values that can be verified with the portable system – within the scope of the measurement accuracy”.

When asking what is experience after 2 years of operation with the “Laser Integrated System” (LIS) Mr Özcan answered that everything has went as planned. The first system has been operating well and the second one is being installed in the “near future” into their new line which replaces an old IG-line.

Sparklike Laser Integrated

How has the investment changed Isophon’s daily business?

Laser Integrated measures majority of the production at Isophon. The system enables direct intervention in the process if the gas filling level has not been reached since the results can be seen immediately which is the strong point of the system according to Mr Özcan.

With Sparklike Laser Integrated system the gas filling equipment’s performance can be optimized. Therefore, it also acts as an indicator of the filling machine’s functionality. “Especially with the variance of the glass, the reliability of the filling technology is not always 100%.” says Mr Özcan.

He adds another impact for the daily operations that the automated insulating gas measurement system to IG-line have had – Cost savings and effectiveness to production of the glass by identifying a correct gas filling level.

“For example, in the case of toughened panes, the deviations in flatness may be large enough to reduce the gap for the filling process in a relevant way… Undercutting of the reporting limit can thus be identified, assessed and, if necessary, the process adjusted.”

Laser Integrated system at Isophon

Safety by minimizing risks and following energy standards

Isophon views the purchase as an investment for safety in the production. The company has a consistent orientation towards proven quality control. “The verifiable quality of the delivered panes themselves must be controlled and documented.” Mr Özcan states which can be done by Sparklike Laser Integrated. The decision was a matter of minimizing risk – to be sure that the required filling level is achieved in large projects with high-quality panes. Read our article on 7 ways to reduce quality costs.

The insulating gas measurement system also enables following standards and regulations made for IGUs. Also, the recent discussions about the importance of energy savings are seen as a confirmation of the decision and the specified performance of the sold panes must also be controlled and certain upon delivery.

The future of measuring insulating gas concentration

Mr Özcan assumes that the possibilities of subsequent gas measurement and thus quality control in the installed condition will become more widespread. This increases the pressure on insulating glass manufacturers to make their own production control and its documentation more closely meshed. The laser system is an excellent solution for this.

The interview was done together with Sparklike distributor Rottler und Rüdiger und Partner GmbH

If you are interested to have an automated insulating gas measurement system to IG-line, please contacts to your nearest distributor for details.

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