Why is non-invasive gas concentration measurement better than invasive?

Insulating gas measurement can be conducted either with an invasive or non-invasive method. Why non-invasive gas concentration measurement is better than invasive depends on cost efficiency. The invasive method penetrates through the sealing of the IGU and the gas sample is calculated automatically. These are generally affordable but require breaking the IG structure. In practice this means that the IGU cannot be delivered to the customer or retested to assure the correct gas fill. Therefore, the glass manufacturer loses good units which are worth of money. In other words, invasive method is not the most cost-effective way to conduct a gas analysis.

Benefits of non-invasive gas level analysis

Well why is non-invasive gas concentration measurement better than invasive? The non-invasive method allows measuring the glass without breaking the IGU. This method for example reduces production costs since all IGUs can be used and delivered to the customers. Also, the non-destructive method enables full quality control as you are sure that all IGUs measured have the accurate gas fill which can be used as a proof in product quality negotiations. Read about Sparklike technology here.