Understanding the Sparklike Laser Portable results

This is directly taken from Laser Portable manual chapter called “Understanding the Sparklike Laser results”. Please make sure to read the manual before using the device.

For triple glass units, the device measures first the overall value of both cavities, then the 1st
cavity, and then based on these measured results, calculates the gas content of the 2nd cavity.
Therefore, the results of the 2nd cavity can be considered as indicative of what complements
the information of each cavity.

  • See the insulating gas (such as argon, krypton, or xenon) concentration on the result boxes on the Main PagePress the “Measure” button on the Main Page of the software.
  • For a double glazed unit, only the “Cavity 1” result is shown.
  • For a triple glazed unit, all three results are shown.
  • “Cavity 1” is measured value
  • “Cavity 1&2 avg.” is a measured overall value of both cavities
  • “Cavity 2” is a calculated value which considers the thicknesses of both cavities (weighted value)

Check that the glass and cavity dimensions are what they should be. If they are not, see the
troubleshooting section in Chapter 6.8.

REMINDER: Measurement results are shown on the screen, but are simultaneously saved on the
device: Disc (C:)\Temp\Results

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Overall view of the main page with sample measurement results for triple glass of Laser Portable