Factors to consider when measuring with Sparklike Handheld

These are factors to consider when measuring with Sparklike Handheld

Factors affecting the optics:

  • Coloured glass
  • Tinted glass (minimal effect)
  • Strong background light measurement (against the sun or other source)
  • Dirt on the glass (minimal effect)
  • Dirt on the front optical fibre
  • Mistreated front optical fibre or electrode

Factors making it easier for the spark to “jump“:

  • High argon fills
  • Thin glass (6mm or less)
  • Thin air space (20mm or less)
  • Metallic or other conductor on surface 3, such as low-e coating
  • Metallic spacer bar

Factors affecting the spark:

  • Thick glass (over 6 mm)
  • Plastic films on glass 1 (laminated glass, coatings, etc.)
  • Metallic films on glass 1
  • Metallic components in glass 1
  • Low Argon fill (less than 90%)
  • Wide spacer (over 15mm)
  • Electrode is not in contact with the glass surface
  • Sparklike Handheld is not evenly pressed against the glass
  • Non-metallic spacers

Correct conditions:

  • Stable dark background light
  • The device NOT moved during measurement

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