Sparklike Responds to UK Customer Needs with New Calibration Centre

At Sparklike, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a UK-based Calibration Centre for our Handheld™ devices with Inagas. We have listened to our UK customers, and this new facility addresses the need for more convenient, cost-effective calibration services.

Meeting Customer Demands

Previously, UK customers had to send their Sparklike Handheld™ devices back to Finland for annual calibration, leading to longer downtime and increased costs. Recognizing the growing popularity of our devices in the UK, we have now established a local Calibration Centre, significantly reducing transportation time and ensuring minimal disruption to our customers’ operations.

Enhancing Service Delivery

This new centre is a testament to our commitment to continue providing top-tier service and support. With local calibration now available, UK fabricators can maintain the precision and accuracy of their gas measurement devices without the lengthy wait times.

Jonathan Kemp, Technical Director at Inagas, shares, “The opening of the UK Calibration Centre marks a significant step in enhancing our service delivery. We are committed to ensuring our customers can access the support they need quickly and efficiently.”

Maintaining Quality and Efficiency

Our Handheld™ devices, known for their non-invasive and precise gas measurement capabilities, are becoming increasingly essential as fabricators face higher demands for quality assurance. This move ensures that our UK customers can continue to rely on Sparklike’s technology with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

For more details about the UK Calibration Centre or any of our Sparklike devices, please contact us. We are here to support your production needs and ensure your devices are always performing at their best.

Contact Information for Inagas’ Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center for Sparklike Handheld™:

Thank you for choosing Sparklike. We look forward to continuing to serve the UK market with excellence and innovation.

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