Presenting FGI – New Sparklike distributor in Turkey

Sparklike has overseen the Turkish market, unit now. From February 2024 onward FGI Flat Glass International will be Sparklike distributor in Turkey. Sparklike is glad to have a local expert that knows the Turkish business habits and current market trends.

“To have a local distributor in Turkey has been our mid-term target and positive signals including first Laser device sales in 2023 triggered us to speed up the process. FGI has a long experience in glass industry with a suitable portfolio fitting well to Sparklike devices. We look forward to cooperating with FGI´s team increasing the awareness of non-destructive insulating gas measuring technology.” Sales Manager, Antti Koski, from Sparklike

FGI – Representative of IGU manufacturers

FGI Flat Glass International has been serving the market more than 20 years, being the regional and international representative of leading manufacturers mainly in glass sector. Besides being the representative of manufacturers providing production lines, machinery, equipment and high-tech solutions for the glass sector, our commercial activities comprise processing materials and machines to IGU producers and glass processors.

Why did you choose Sparklike into your portfolio?

“We are always enthusiastic to meet the demands of our customers with innovative products and widen our portfolio with the new products which will help our customer’s efficiency and profitability. We believe energy saving is one of the most important issues of world.” – FGI

When it comes to home improvement, energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners and windows play a crucial role in keeping the indoor temperature comfortable and reducing energy consumption. To ensure gas content of IGU is very important from energy efficiency point of view.

“We have been the distributor of Helantec since the beginning. We know Sparklike with its innovative technology in measuring gas concentration, so we chose and believe Sparklike is a good fit.” – FGI

What do you expect from this partnership?

FGI knows the market and continues its activities with a customer-oriented approach. Therefore, Sparklike trust FGI being the new Sparklike distributor in Turkey and serve the customers with

“By presenting Sparklike devices we plan to satisfy the customers by meeting the demand of the sector professionals who are looking for practical, quick, and non-destructive way of insulating gas measurement. We believe both sides will benefit from this partnership.” – FGI

Turkish IGU market in a nutshell

Turkey is the second-largest country in flat glass consumption in the region.  Construction sector takes the main share in flat glass consumption. The construction sector, which is determinative in IGU production, maintains its growth potential due to social, demographic, and economic reasons such as increasing population, urbanization, young population resources and preferences, and shrinking family structure.
In addition, the urban transformation process triggered by the high old housing stocks and the need for earthquake-resistant buildings is another important factor for the potential of the sector.
Architectural trends are also effective in increasing the demand of IGU production in the sector. Changing architectural trends towards maximum benefit from daylight expand the glass area on building surfaces like facades, roofs, and curtain wall applications. Increasing environmental awareness and sanctions for energy consumption and environment protection, positively impact IGU production with low U values. 
Sisecam, Turkish flat glass producer, supports the development of qualified IGU production. There are more than 200 IGU producers authorized by Sisecam. In addition to Sisecam’s authorized producers there are hundreds of smaller sized producers. Authorized IGU producers who serve export markets beyond meeting the local demand keep following new technologies in the sector and they are enthusiastic to apply them in their process.

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