Polver in Poland Opens Calibration Center for Sparklike Handheld™

We have a new Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center for Sparklike Handheld™ in Poland. Customers from Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania can send their Handheld device there to service. Poland is a major player in the European insulating glass industry and also a very strong market for Sparklike during last years.

“IGU manufacturing is still growing strong, and the importance of quality is highlighted among many of our customers. With positive insights we want our support to be exhaustive in the area with a long-term developing partnership with Polver. Therefore, we are glad we took this step to better serve people from an area where there is a high demand.” Antti Koski, Sales Manager at Sparklike

Also, Polver is excited by the new Calibration Center:

“Due to the great interest in Sparklike Handheld devices, we decided to expand our business by opening a calibration center for Sparklike Handheld devices. We also want to meet the expectations of our customers so that they can receive a fully calibrated device in the shortest possible time. We have everything needed to take care of our customers’ devices.” Michał Ekwiński, Polver

Order your maintenance and calibration for Sparklike Handheld™ in Poland by sending email directly to [email protected].

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