New Calibration Center for Sparklike Handheld™ in Australia

Now it is official, we have a new Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center for Sparklike Handheld™. The new center is in Australia and is operated by our distributor Elegant IG. Customers from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia are able to send their Handheld device there. Order your maintenance and calibration here: https://sparklike.com/en/maintenance-and-calibration/ or send directly email to [email protected]  

Elegant IG’s greetings and thoughts about the new calibration center:

Elegant IG is delighted to announce the inauguration of our calibration center, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to the ANZ.SEA glass industry specifically around (IGU). With 28 years of experience in IGU consumables and machinery, Elegant has continuously demonstrated our dedication to providing unparalleled support and expertise to assist our customers in achieving optimal results in IGU manufacturing.

The establishment of our calibration center underscores our belief in offering comprehensive solutions to our customers. By providing calibration services in ANZ.SEA, we aim to streamline the process for our customers, saving them valuable time and costs while enhancing their quality control measures. With our calibration services readily available, customers no longer need to endure prolonged periods of device downtime, ensuring uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

As industry standards evolve and demand for higher quality units intensifies, Elegant IG recognizes the importance of equipping our customers with the tools necessary to meet and exceed these expectations. With our local calibration services and cutting-edge devices like Sparklike, we empower our customers to navigate the shifting landscape with confidence, delivering superior quality products without compromising on efficiency or productivity.

Lastly, Sparklike is mutually excited to start the year 2024 with this news. We are confident that the partnership between Sparklike and Elegant IG deepens and customers from Elegant IG’s market area are more satisfied due to the closer location. This will be beneficial to all parties.

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