Why do you want that every IGU is measured?

The vision of Sparklike is to Become the Global Standard to Measure Insulating Gas – Every Glass Gets Measured. The reason is that the challenge of the insulating glass industry have been confirming the correct filling degree and ensuring that the initial gas concentration will remain inside the insulating glass unit (IGU). The industry has thought “Since you do not see it, you do not have measure it to the customers”. Therefore, we want that every IGU is measured.

Quality of IG units must be guaranteed

Sparklike was born to support the quality control process with its unique technology to measure insulating glass non-destructively. With Sparklike devices insulating glass units can be tested prior to shipping the IGs to customers, and provide proof of the gas concentration. Therefore, we at Sparklike vision to become the global standard to measure insulating gas and want that every IGU gets measured.