CASE: Szkłoland – How to Confirm the Correct Insulating Gas Fill Without Breaking The Glass?

Szkłoland tells on their website their mission is simple “The world needs glass – and we are here to deliver it!” which already tells their core business. Szkłoland LLC is manufacturer of building, decorative and furniture glass that offers glass and mirrors from world’s leading manufacturers. To be able to provide top quality glass to their customers, Szkłoland purchased Sparklike Laser Portable to monitor and measure the insulating gas concentration levels. For them it is essential to have proof of the high quality and ensure that IGUs are according to the standards. This article tells how to confirm the correct insulating gas fill without breaking the glass.

Solving challenge with verifying the correct insulating gas level

Previously Szkłoland have not had non-invasive gas fill control system to check the gas filling levels. According to Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland, that was the main reason to purchase – to solve the challenge and confirm the correct insulating gas fill of IGUs.

“So far, we have not been able to verify whether gassing devices work properly. Now we are 100% sure that they work properly.” Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland

Sparklike Laser Portable

He added that Szkłoland purchased the device to improve the quality of insulating glass units. The company wants to highlight the importance of properly filling the insulating glass chamber with gas, and Szkłoland wanted to be sure that their products are the highest quality. 

Additionally, the Laser Portable has been very easy to use, and the device has been well implemented to the existing processes. Sparklike distributor Polver gave Szkłoland a proper training with the device, and Kwiatkowski explains how all employees of the quality control department use it without any problems.

IGU quality impacts to U-value

Lastly, we asked about Szkłoland’s view regarding the future of quality control in the glass industry. Kwiatkowski tells how the quality is not only about the quality, but it connects other aspects that impact the whole building, like a to have a better U-value of IGUs which impact to energy efficiency.

“Glass is a beautiful and modern material, but it carries many risks. Glass products are exposed to scratches, breakage, and unsealing. Quality control in the glass industry allows us to provide the market with better- and better-quality products that very often fulfill very important functions, such as thermal insulation of buildings.” Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland.

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