Case: Glaseksperten Integrated Sparklike Laser Integrated™ to their IG-line


Sparklike interviewed Danish Glaseksperten A/S, who has our Sparklike Laser Integrated™ (previously called Sparklike Online™) device installed and integrated into their state-of-the-art IG-line.

Once offered the opportunity, Glaseksperten wanted to go ahead with the installation since they have over 25 years’ experience in glass processing and a vast quality conscious clientele, which is both national and international. To that end, Glaseksperten wanted to have a full controlled system to monitor their insulating glass gas fill for triple and double glazed IGU’s. Sparklike Laser Integrated™, our new turnkey system for IG-line, enables just that, even through coatings and laminated glasses.

Sparklike Laser Integrated™ on-site at Glaseksperten’s facility in Denmark

The reason why we have Sparklike Laser Integrated™ installed into our IG-line is that our customers require an assurance that all their IGUs’ gas fill is tested,  says Rasmus Thorst, Glaseksperten’s Production Planning and Quality Manager.

Glaseksperten has successfully acquired a significant number of different glass competencies, while mainly operating with projects that require special knowledge and capacity. To that end, they have become the leading glass manufacturer in Denmark. 

Sparklike interviewed two people from Glaseksperten, who have closely been involved in the installation and integration process: company’s CEO Christian Larsen, and Rasmus Thorst who is responsible for the production planning and quality management.


Sparklike:  What is your title?  
Christian Larsen, General Manager/CEO and Rasmus Thorst, Production Planning and Quality Manager.

Christian Larsen
CEO at Glaseksperten

Sparklike:  For those who may be unfamiliar with Glaseksperten, could you talk me through the company’s activities?  
 We are operating mainly with projects requiring special knowledge and capacity. In that regard, we are one of the leading manufacturers in Northern Europe. We are specialised in demanding IGU’s with high performance glass and big sizes. Glaseksperten is offering highly efficient heat insulating glass, multifunctional acoustic / thermal insulating glass, sun protection glass and safety glass just to list a few advantages that we can offer to our customers.

Sparklike:  Can you provide me with a short company history? 
At Glaseksperten we have processed and delivered glass for more than 25 years. During this time, we have built up a large number of different glass competencies – hardening, laminating, facade glass, printing on glass, safety glass, blinds, energy glass, stained glass, fire glass, solar shading, noise reduction and one of Denmark’s most comprehensive term lines – just to name a few.

Sparklike:  What are Glaseksperten’s key end markets and customers?  
Denmark is our home market, but we are also servicing customers in the rest of the Nordic region.

Sparklike:  Are there any challenges that you are experiencing within your IG market, if yes, what are they?
Product quality, delivery on time, short lead timer and logistics play the main role in successful customer perception. With this recent investment, we have further imporved our processes to meet the highest standards. However, we have not stopped the development and continuously seek for new quality control enhancing methods and technologies.

Sparklike:  How did you hear about Sparklike and our offering?  
Glaseksperten: From your people and the Marketing Department.

Sparklike:  What made you purchase our Sparklike Laser Integrated™ device for your IG-line?
The market trend and our customers are continuously looking for documented higher quality. In specific, our customers who wish an assurance that all their IGUs’ gas fill is tested. Even before making this investment, we were proud of our reputation of delivering high quality products. We continuously strive to improve product quality, as this is one of our most important competitive edges.

Sparklike:  How are you hoping to utilize the integration between Sparklike Laser Integrated™ and your production line?
We like to have the whole line operating as efficient and precise as possible and therefore, all the quality scanners, including Sparklike Laser Integrated™, are supposed to be fully automatic.

Sparklike:  Where do you think the building and insulating glass industries are going in terms of green building and quality control?
Glass units are being developed bigger and bigger, but at the same time they must conform with the ever-tightening industry regulations related to both, quality and energy efficiency. Therefore, we believe we must meet more requirements in the future. At Glaseksperten we are ready for that.

Sparklike:  Would you recommend our devices and if yes; to whom and why?  
Glaseksperten: Your device should be installed to all IG-lines to guarantee the insulation gas in every IGU. How can you otherwise be sure that all IGU’s have the sufficient gas fill?

Sparklike:  How do you envisage the future of insulating glass quality control? 
More control, but also more reporting with every delivery. Rejects are such an expensive and annoying issue that avoiding them is crucial to anyone’s business, not forgetting the reputation. It is much cheaper to replace the defected products before leaving the factory.

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