Announcing Helantec as the New Sparklike Partner in Germany

We are thrilled to announce that Helantec GmbH is now the official partner for Sparklike in Germany. This partnership combines Helantec’s extensive expertise in gas technology with Sparklike’s innovative solutions for non-invasive gas measurement in insulating glass units. Also, Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Center for Sparklike Handheld™ is opened soon for the DACH area. All device sales inquiries from Germany and Handheld Service request from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland may be sent to [email protected] or +49 7251 857-31.

About Helantec

Helantec is renowned for its advanced gas analysis and filling technology within the insulated glass industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that they deliver robust and reliable products tailored to customer needs. With a deep understanding of gases, Helantec provides solutions that enhance glass manufacturing processes and ensure optimal gas concentrations.

From left to right: Atte Kuusisto, Gregor Witrofsky, Jochen Weiß, Antti Koski, and Pekka Lehtinen

Sparklike’s Impact

Sparklike revolutionizes the market with devices that allow for non-invasive measurement of insulating gas in double and triple-glazed units. Our technology is crucial for maintaining quality control and energy efficiency in modern insulating glass products.

The Partnership

This collaboration is a step forward in offering comprehensive solutions for the insulating glass industry in DACH market as the Sparklike Authorized Calibration and Service Centers for Sparklike Handheld™ will be opened soon.  Helantec’s market presence and technical skillfulness, combined with Sparklike’s non-invasive gas measurement products, will provide unparalleled service and support to customers.

For more information about Helantec and their product offerings, visit Helantec’s Website. Learn more about Sparklike’s innovative solutions and technology here.

Together, Helantec and Sparklike are committed to advancing the standards and efficiency of the insulating glass industry.

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